Extended!! - Covid-19: TERS UIF Benefits

by Amanda Roothman on 22 July 2020

Let's talk about our BLESSINGS more than we talk about our problems.

The Covid-19 TERS Benefit is most definitely a lifeline for many individuals in South-Africa.

And yes, it's true: Since the President extended the life of the Disaster Management Act until 15th August, the TERS Benefit Fund is also extended to the same date.

The benefit structure and existing criteria remains the same.

But hustle to get your April and May claims submitted. The deadline for applications will be 31 July 2020. All applications already submitted by this date, will however still be processed.

Contact Exponential Brilliance if you need assistance with your claims.

Although we sometimes feel like we are facing 99 problems, let us take a minute to remember the 99 000 blessings that we have. Let's focus on being positive.

Deliberately choose to have a good day! 

May God bless South-Africa, and protect her people.





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