More Poppy Seed Pie for Breakfast....? - if I must...

by Amanda Roothman on 24 June

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast! Poppy Seed Pie breakfast.... 

No pun. I kid you knot. Do knot get your knickers in a knot!

Grab yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee... and let me explain.

Each and every business entity in South Africa must STILL comply with the PoPI and PAIA Acts - and still...absolutely no pun intended!

As expected, even before the deadline, with threats from the Information Regulator on non-compliance, there are problems.

Initially, the deadline for registration of Designated Information Officers for any entity in South Africa, was 30 June 2021.

Well, a mere 6 business days before this deadline, the Information Regulator has confirmed that there will be NO DEADLINE for registration of the said Designated Information Officers. This statement follows after the registration portal malfunction caused anxiety and panic across business owners in South Africa.

The Regulator is currently looking into alternative registration processes, which hopefully entails enhancements to the registration portal. These updates will be communicated "in due course". So we wait. 

In terms of the PAIA Manual: This deadline has been pushed forward until 31 December 2021. As from 1 January 2022, nobody will be exempt, and all private bodies must have a PAIA Manual in place.

However, be aware: The PoPIA enforcement powers, as promulgated in June 2020, will still be coming into effect as of July, 1st, 2021.

A further extention for Prior Authorisation has been granted up until 1 February 2022.

Systems and procedures must be in place.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance. Knowledge isn't power. Applied knowledge is power.

With all this being said, compliance should not be over complicated. Stay in contact with #TeamExponentialBrilliance, grab another cup of coffee, and another slice of Poppy Seed Pie.

Absolutely no pun intended.

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