TERS...the (5th) sequel...

by Amanda Roothman on 18 November 2020

"It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela.

Following the President's announcement that the Covid-19 TERS Relief Scheme will be extended for the fifth period, being 16 September 2020 to 15 October 2020, Exponential Brilliance is even more determined than ever, to assist as many individuals out there as possible. From the start of the pandemic, we made it our personal business to understand the directives and rules around the Temporary Employer Relief Scheme, to assist thousands of individuals in distress.

We’ve had a #PayItForward campaign throughout the pandemic, and we will continue this drive, because we rise by lifting others. We believe that a kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

The Department of Labour will open and begin processing this final sequel of applications as from Monday, 23 November 2020. The closing date for these applications will be 31 December 2020, after which, no further applications will be accepted.

Here is a reminder of the regulations issued on the latest available directive, indicating which employees qualify for the benefits of the fund:

Employees whose employers are:

  • Not permitted to commence operations;
  • Unable to make alternative arrangements for vulnerable workers (such as working from home);
  • Unable to make use of their services because of operational requirements caused by compliance, such as rostering, staggering working hours, short time or shifts, and the temporary reduction in the employee's ordinary remuneration.

The Covid-19 TERS Relief Scheme was established to assist employees who lost income due to the national pandemic and the regulations limiting economic activity during the various levels of the lockdown.

As part of our #PayItForward campaign, we developed the unique Exponential Brilliance TERS Toolkit and distributed this free of charge across the country, and assisted others in using it to help even more individuals in distress.

Furthermore, we designed the Exponential Brilliance TERS Benefit Calculator which is also free to use for one and all.  This calculator will make it easier for the end-user and payroll administrators to calculate in advance the amount of relief employees will be receiving from the TERS fund.

We also developed the uniquely designed Exponential Brilliance Swift Portal Application. This enables us to reach more employers faster and more sufficiently than attempting every task manually.

Exponential Brilliance aims to provide legendary client service, a result of:

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Intelligent Planning; and
  • Focused Efforts.

"You can't finish what you don't start. And you should never start what you're not committed to finish."

We are what we repeately do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.


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