Tax Filing Deadline Approaching Fast.... Exponential Brilliance's TaxDivas will R-O-C-K you!!

by Amanda Roothman on 8 November 2020

Success at anything will always come down to this: FOCUS, and EFFORT. And we have both.

Allow Exponential Brilliance's #TaxDivas to R-O-C-K you with our service excellence this tax season!

With little over a week to the tax filing deadline (for non-provisional taxpayers, 16 November 2020) you need to act swiftly!

As SARS embarked on an auto-assessment process this year, they have auto-assessed some individuals based on data received from third parties, such as Employers, Financial Institutions, Medical Schemes and Retirement Annuity Fund Administrators at the end of July 2020. 

This process was aimed at non-provisional tax individual taxpayers, with the following typical third party documents:

  • IRP5 issued by your employer, with a normal basic taxable income (with no allowances);
  • Medical Aid Certificate (with no additional claimable medical expenses);
  • Retirement Annuity Certificate(s)
  • Interest Certificate(s)

If you fall in the scenario above, you will be able to accept the results of your auto-assessment. The SARS system calculates your tax refund or liability based on the information above.

However, if you wish to claim any deductions such as:

  • Business kilometres travelled against a travel allowance, or use of a company vehicle (and you have a logbook);
  • Medical expenses not recovered from your medical aid;
  • Donations to a Public Benefit Organisation (and you have received a Section 18A certificate);
  • Section 12J Venture Capital Company investment deductions (and you have a certificate);
  • Expenses against commission income;

SARS will not know about these claims and it will not be added to the auto-assessment. And this is where you need our focus and effort.

It's in your hands - it is that simple.

We will guide you and submit your income tax return for you, using our uniquely designed Exponential Brilliance Swift App, and we promise to knock the client experience out of the park, and you will want to keep coming back for more!

Do not delay! Contact us now!

If you want to be the champion, you've got to win the championship. Nobody is going to give it to you. We have got the team to go for it. 

The Exponential Brilliance's #TaxDivas will R-O-C-K you like a hurricane!

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