Exponential Brilliance is paying it forward!

by Amanda Roothman on 19 December 2019

After a well-deserved family break, we took the long road from the Garden Route to Gauteng this past week. 

We visited Prince Albert and stopped at every little small town in between and enjoyed the natural beauty of the Western and Northern Cape. 

One thing clearly stood out: drought! 

The animals and farmers are suffering through severe drought. Colesburg has had no rain, Hanover’s cattle and sheep are suffering…. Theunissen’s farmers are planting maize with NO rainfall for the season thus far – all in good faith that the rain will come. 

We at Exponential Brilliance are very passionate about South Africa and the welfare of all. 

We thus decided to donate our bonuses to a very worthy cause – Boere Droogtehulp SA NPC – they utilize every single cent to help bring relieve where necessary. 

We challenge all our business associates, and our clients to donate for this worthy cause – every bit helps some ewe, lamb and farmer being affected.




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