Fill up today! - Fuel Price Hike Alert!

by Amanda Roothman on 3 September 2019

As of midnight tonight, 3 September 2019, motorists will cough up

  • 11c extra per litre of petrol (all grades)
    (from R15.72 to R15.83 per litre for unleaded 93;  and from R 15.92 to R 16.03 per litre for unleaded 95); 
  • 26c extra per litre of diesel (from R14.33 to R 14.59 per litre); and 
  • 24c extra per litre of paraffin (from R9.15 to R 9.39 per litre).

Minister of Minerals and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, announced this news on Monday after the main reason being the weakening of the Rand to the US Dollar.

The average Rand/US Dollar exchange rate was R15.17 (for the period 2 August – 29 August 2019) compared to R 14.07 in the previous period (28 June 2019 – 1 August 2019).   

Fill up before midnight tonight to benefit from this news snippet!


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